Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

Go With The Flow: Do's And Don'ts To Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly

by Melinda Crawford

It may be that the only time you pay attention to your septic is when it isn't working. There are some definite do's and don'ts when it comes to keeping your system running smoothly, and that may curb unanticipated plumbing expenses. 

Do draw a picture of your system. Learn where your drain-field and septic tank are located. Sketch a diagram of the location and keep it on hand in the event of a problem.

Do have an inspection. Have your septic system inspected every year by a qualified plumbing professional.

Do have it pumped. Plan to pump-out your system every couple years. Only have a licensed contractor pump-out your septic system. 

Do conserve when you can. Conserve water and it will be gentler on your overall septic system. Control and repair leaks or drips to further save on your system.

Do divert incoming water. Keep your drain-field and tank area free from excess water. Guide water away from a roof or sump pump with troughs and gutters. Too much water impacts how the drain-field treats wastewater.

Don't let them park there. Don't ever allow anyone to park on or near where your septic lines and system are located.

Don't plant. Avoid planting anything other than grass over the drain-field. Be sure there are no trees or shrubs nearby with roots that could cause problems for your septic system.

Don't add stuff to your system. Don't add solutions and additives to your septic tank, as many may actually be harmful to your system.

Don't flush chemicals. When you flush chemicals or toxic solutions down your toilet, you are actually contaminating the groundwater. Furthermore, these poisons can impact and impede how your system treats wastewater.

Don't hook up a garbage disposal. Avoid hooking up a new disposal until you have consulted with local agencies to determine if your septic system can handle the stress of this unit.

Don't go in there! Never go inside your septic tank. Call a professional for help. The toxic fumes inside your tank can kill in mere minutes. Use extreme caution and take care when looking at your septic tank, even when you are just peeking in for a brief moment. 

Try these tips to keep your septic in tip-top shape, and to avoid the unexpected costs of a plumber. With routine maintenance (from professionals such as those from Lavenders Contracting Ltd) and a little common sense, your septic system should run smoothly for years to come.