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Renting Portable Toilets For Your Outdoor Wedding

by Melinda Crawford

Having access to restroom facilities is important when it comes to ensuring the comfort of the guests attending your wedding reception. Unfortunately, an outdoor wedding can present some unique challenges when it comes to providing adequate restrooms.

Renting portable toilets can be a great solution for your waste management needs. Here are three tips that you can use to successfully rent portable toilets for your outdoor wedding.

1. Put some personal touches on each toilet.

Portable toilets are not known for being glamorous, but you can easily make these facilities more upscale for your wedding guests by taking the time to put some personal touches on each toilet.

Fill a decorative basket with toiletry items like bug spray and scented hand sanitizer, then place the basket in each portable toilet for your guests to utilize. You can also add floral arrangements that hang from the door of each portable toilet to help create visual interest and lend a pleasant aroma to the space. These personal touches will elevate your portable toilets from basic to beautiful, making them more suitable for your outdoor wedding.

2. Place your portable toilets carefully.

You want your portable toilets to be easily accessible, but you don't want them to be too visible or too close to your reception festivities. Proper placement of your portable toilets is something that can make or break your outdoor wedding reception.

Be sure that you work with a professional from the rental company to identify the right location for your portable toilets. Look for a secluded area that is only a short walk from your reception area, on flat ground, and can be accessed by the large truck that will deliver and pick up your portable toilets on the day of your outdoor reception.

3. Budget for extra amenities.

When it comes to providing restroom facilities for your outdoor wedding, you want to ensure you leave money in your budget to add some extra amenities to your portable toilets.

High-end portable toilets feature flushing fixtures, running water, and even air-conditioned interiors to provide relief from outdoor temperatures. Investing in these extra amenities will help your guests feel more comfortable when using the portable toilets at your outdoor wedding.

Renting portable toilets for your outdoor wedding isn't glamorous, but it's important. Be sure that you are taking the time to add some personal touches to each toilet, that you find the right location for your portable toilets, and that you budget for some extra amenities to make your portable toilets a valuable asset for your outdoor wedding reception. To learn more, contact a company like RCS Inc.