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Have You Checked Your Grease Trap Today? Signs You Need Grease Trap Cleaning Services

by Melinda Crawford

Despite the fact that you own and operate a restaurant, it might escape your attention that you have at least one grease trap in operation on the property. If this is the first restaurant you have ever owned, you should locate your grease trap now. (Go on, we will wait.) Okay, now that you know where your grease trap is, here are some signs that you need grease trap cleaning services.

The Sinks in Your Restaurant Kitchen Will Not Drain

Kitchen sinks in a restaurant that do not drain or drain immensely slow are a sign that your grease trap may be quite full. Almost all of the wastewater in your kitchen runs down and through the grease trap(s). If the grease trap is full, water flow comes to a halt. No more grease can be filtered through the trap, which is why the water flow also stops. Clearing the trap of all the grease should get your sinks flowing properly again.

You Lift the Trap's Lid to See a Cesspool

A good-sized grease trap for a restaurant can hold a lot of grease, which is good considering the amount of fats and grease that end up down the drain. However, if you lift the lid on your restaurant's grease trap(s) and the scum is all the way to the top of the trap and scumming the lid, they absolutely have to be emptied. Do not let your grease trap(s) turn into cesspool(s).

The "Grease" Is Overflowing

When the trap lid is not very secure, and the trap begins to overflow, you will have a very nasty mess in the parking lot or on the grounds outside your restaurant. The "grease" will be very foul smelling, gross to see, and be a cross between partially melted candle wax and dirty, oily water. Any customer that sees this, smells this or steps in it is likely to file a complaint with the city inspector or the board of health. 

The "Grease" in the Trap Has Solidified

While this is rare, it can happen. Animal fats that are liquid when hot can solidify into a waxy substance once cooled. This can seriously clog your grease trap, turning the inside of it into one solid, waxy block of fat. A grease trap cleaning service can break that up and suction it off so that everything can flow more freely into the trap again