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Renting Restrooms For Your Wedding: Four Tips For Elegance And Class

by Melinda Crawford

When you think of a wedding, porta potties may seem like the least fitting bathroom option for the event. But today's portable toilets and restrooms are surprisingly posh, featuring flushable toilets, hand washing sinks, and doors that lock. They can be perfectly suitable for a wedding, as long as you follow these tips.

Rent enough bathrooms.

Even the nicest bathrooms will prove a hassle if you don't have enough of them. As the night wears on and your guests have been drinking for a few hours, they will have to use the bathroom... and they're not going to want to wait in line for long! A good guideline is to have one bathroom per 30 guests. Some restroom companies rent trailers with multiple bathroom stalls. They may have versions with 4 or 8 stalls per trailer. In this case, one trailer per gender should be sufficient for most weddings.

Place the bathrooms downwind from the food.

Today's rented bathrooms don't give off much of a scent, but they are still bathrooms. To ensure no foul odors make it to the dinner table or wedding cake serving area, place the bathrooms downwind from the dining area. If you're not sure which direction the prevailing winds blow, visit the wedding site before your wedding day and hold up a flag. The bathrooms need to be placed to the side that the flag points.

Have the bathrooms delivered early.

When the bathrooms arrive, you will want to decorate them for the wedding with some bows, flowers, or other decor. Make sure the rental company drops them off the day before the wedding so that you have plenty of time to decorate them. Put one of your groomsmen or bridesmaids in charge of decorating the bathrooms so you don't have to worry about this yourself.

Put baskets inside.

This is a nice way to make the bathrooms per personalized and elegant. Fill baskets with essentials, like hair brushes, Aleve, bandages, nail clippers, and bobby pins. Place a basket or two in each bathroom, along with a sign that says "help yourself." You may want to create different baskets for the male and female bathrooms. 

For more tips on using rental bathrooms at your wedding, reach out to the rental company. They can let you know what previous clients have done for their weddings, and they might even give you some extras to make the bathroom feel extra posh.