Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

Tips For Troubleshooting Septic Drain Field Issues

by Melinda Crawford

Septic systems can often be a source of confusion for many homeowners. It's a complex structure, from the septic tank to the drain field. While most homeowners understand that the tank needs to be pumped periodically, few really understand how the drain field works or what kinds of problems you might have with it. If you're noticing odors and excessive moisture in your drain field, here are some of the things that you should be attentive to.

How Long Has It Been Since Your Tank Was Pumped?

The drain field can only handle just so much overflow from your tank. If you haven't had the tank pumped in quite some time, you may have an excess amount of effluent that's seeping into the drain field from the overflow system. You should call to have the tank pumped right away and see if that resolves your moisture problem.

Do You Have Any Large Trees Near Your Drain Field?

Tree roots will always grow in the direction of moisture and nutrients. That means that if you have any trees near your drain field, there's a chance that you have tree roots infiltrating the area in search of water and nutrients. Unfortunately, those roots can interfere with the normal filtration process that should be happening in the drain field. Your septic system contractor can inspect the area and tell you if you need to have a tree removed.

How Old Is The System?

If your home and septic system are too old, they may not have been built to hold up to the demands that modern households put on them. With washing machines, dishwashers, large families, and other water demands, sometimes it's just too much flow for the system that's in place. Talk with a septic system contractor today about inspecting your system to see if it needs to be upgraded.

Has Anyone Driven Over The Drain Field?

Vehicles and heavy equipment driving over the drain field area can cause damage that will prevent the drain field from filtering waste water the way that it should. The pipes and the soil there are not constructed in a way that allows them to sustain any kind of weight, so if someone has accidentally parked over it, that's a likely culprit. You will probably need to have the whole system inspected and repaired to correct the issue.

As you can see, there are many common causes of drain field problems. These are just a few of them. Talk with your septic tank service contractor today about your concerns.