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3 Important Steps To Take When Renting Portable Restrooms For An Outdoor Event

by Melinda Crawford

If you're hosting an outdoor event that will last for more than a few hours, then you'll need to provide portable restrooms. They'll ensure everyone can use the bathroom in a timely, comfortable manner. Renting them won't be difficult either as long as you take these actions. 

Consider Event Size 

An important aspect you need to get down perfectly when renting portable restrooms is quantity. There need to be enough restrooms on-site so that each guest can go to the bathroom and not have to wait for hours in line. 

So that you have some idea of how many units to order, think about the size of your outdoor event. Is it taking place in an open field with thousands in attendance? Or, is it being held in a tiny parking lot with several hundred guests? Once you estimate the event and attendance size, you'll have a better idea of how many restroom units to rent. 

Account For the Handicapped 

At your outdoor event, there probably will be those with some sort of handicap. You need to account for these guests so that you can order portable restrooms equipped with the right features. For example, you'll need portable restrooms with side-bars. They give handicapped individuals something to grasp while they're positioning themselves on the toilet seat. 

Handicap-accessible restrooms also generally have ramps that lead up to them. They make it easier for those in wheelchairs to get inside portable restrooms. Finally, make sure your restrooms have plenty of space to accommodate handicap-related devices. 

Hire Sanitation Help

Throughout the course of your outdoor event, some of the portable restrooms probably will get dirty. You need to address them quickly before they affect other guests attending your event. That's where professional sanitation help comes in handy.

There are actually companies you can hire that will take care of this sanitation job. They'll regularly monitor your rental restrooms, checking the inside for any type of mess. They'll clean quickly and even sanitize the area with commercial chemicals. This way, no one at your event has to feel disgusted or get sick after using the bathroom.

Running a successful outdoor event takes a lot of planning, especially when it comes to bathroom use. To ensure this aspect goes perfectly, take your time renting portable restrooms. Think about impactful details like quantity and features so that these restrooms work out great during this outdoor extravaganza.