Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

A Septic System's Enemies

by Melinda Crawford

Having a home that has a septic system instead of being hooked to a sewer system means that you are going to need to be aware of the common causes of septic issues. Here are some of the most common enemies of septic systems.

Guests – It may seem as if having guests come and stay at your house should be simple enough. However, when your home is run on septic and you have guests come to stay that are used to sewer, then this can lead to an array of issues. Your guests may not understand just how finicky a septic system can be. You need to explain this to them. Or, you can have a simple bathroom sign made up and hung in the bathroom that educates people using your bathroom on things they have to know when using a bathroom with septic.

Kids – Kids can be hard on any bathroom, especially really young children who like to play with the toilet and watch random objects go down the toilet drain. If you have kids in your home or you have kids come over often, then you should seriously consider having a childproofed toilet lid lock put on the toilet to protect the septic system as well as your items that would otherwise find their way into the toilet bowl.

Storms – Rain and hurricane seasons can wreak havoc on septic systems. Hurricanes can pose a risk to the septic system that comes in the form of damage or problems that come from flooding areas that oversaturate the septic system, so you need to be aware of the concerns. When in this season, avoid using too many machines at one time that will further add to the system.

Vehicles – While you may be used to parking wherever you want on y our own property, you need to do things different when you move into a place that has a septic tank. By parking a vehicle or even a piece of heavy machinery on the septic system, you can cause damage to the system that can lead to necessary repairs that can cause you big troubles and inconveniences as well as large repair costs. Learn where the system is and mark the area somehow so that everyone knows that this area is off limits to vehicles and anything else that is going to put a good deal of weight on the system.

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