Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

Want To Keep Your Septic Tank? Make Sure You Have It Serviced

by Melinda Crawford

If you have a septic tank on your property, there are many things you can do to keep it in good condition. One important thing is to hire a septic tank service company to maintain your septic tank for you. Below are what the service technician will inspect to ensure there are no current problems with your tank that you are not aware of. 

Check for Tree Roots

One thing that can cause large problems with a septic tank system is tree roots. It is important that you have your tank inspected for roots as they can infiltrate the pipes under the ground and cause the water pipes and lines to break. This is something you cannot see happening on your own so you could be having bad problems and not even know it.

The technician will determine the trees that are close to the drain field. Some trees have deep root systems which will cause the infiltration problem. You will have to remove these trees completely to prevent the roots from causing damage. 

There are other signs the tree roots have caused problems, such as odors coming from your septic tank and having clogged pipes inside your home, such as in the toilet, kitchen sink, etc., on a regular basis. You may also see green, healthy grass growing on the drain field. 

Inspect the Dividing Wall

All septic tank systems have a dividing wall. This is an important component of the system as this is what keeps sludge contained in a compartment. This dividing wall also prevents solids in the septic tank from leaking out of the tank. 

If you have an older septic tank system you will likely have a dividing wall that is made of concrete. Concrete is a very sturdy material and generally will last a long time. If your septic tank has a plastic dividing wall, plastic is not near as sturdy when compared to concrete. This means the plastic wall can loosen over time and eventually lean into or fall into the septic tank. If this happens, solids will become trapped in the septic tank. If the solids are trapped, they will not be removed while the septic tank service company is pumping your tank. 

The septic service that you hire can tell you of other things they will inspect while they are at your home. The service can also give you tips on how to properly care for your septic tank.