Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

Three Things A Septic Tank Installation Company Can Do For Your Before Replacing Your Old Tank

by Melinda Crawford

Living outside of any main city limits may require a septic system. If you own a home with a septic system and the septic tank or pump is over twenty years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. Before doing any kind of septic tank removal or replacement, there are a few things you may want to have a septic tank installation company do before proceeding with a major overhaul. 

Check for Repair or Maintenance Options 

Septic tank installation companies usually provide maintenance and repair services as well. If your system has had issues, including getting backed up or clogged, you'll want to have your tank inspected before having it removed. In some cases, merely having your septic tank and pump thoroughly maintained, cleaned, and the pumps flushed will make it almost as good as new. It is not uncommon for grime buildup to cause a tank not to function properly. Having the septic pump replaced on an old tank may also be a solution to any ongoing problems. 

Determine Changing Location and Tank Size

It's not always the case that an old septic system was installed in the best location on a property. A septic tank installation company can help you determine where your new tank should be placed. If there have been issues with leaking or drainage, then the soil around your current tank may be contaminated. Sometimes the soil may not properly support the weight of a septic system, especially if a lot of water has leaked around the base of the system. Your septic tank installation company can determine if you need a larger tank as well, which may mean moving the location is necessary for better function.

Make Sure a New Septic Tank System Has the Proper Permissions

Local ordinances and state laws may mean that you have to get a new permit for a new septic system. If you have to move your septic system, this may require additional permits. Getting the right permits is often handled by your septic company. It may be an additional cost to you for the installation if additional permits are required. If you have a system in place, and it is being replaced by a new system in the same location, it may not be required to get a new permit in some areas.

There are few things as concerning to a homeowner as septic issues. The smell and potential contamination of your property are issues that shouldn't be ignored. A good septic tank company will help you determine whether you can fix the problem or ensure you get a good replacement in the right place on your property.

If you need help with a septic tank installation, contact a septic service in your area.