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Wondering Why Your Yard Smells Horrible? It Could Be Your Plumbing.

by Melinda Crawford

There are a lot of problems in one's yard that can be solved by gardeners and even construction workers, but what about a plumber? Well, if you're noticing that a bad smell has been present in your yard for at least a day or more, then there's a good chance that a plumber is the help you need. Here's what could be behind your yard's stink.

Eliminating Other Possibilities

Admittedly, there are other potential things that can cause a yard to stink, like a soil imbalance, garbage ending up in your yard, or even an animal relieving themselves in your yard. If you're not sure, you should make sure that these aren't an issue first. However, if the smell has been lingering for days or has gotten worse instead of better, there's a good chance that it's the plumbing at fault.

What's Beneath the Surface

While many people only think about the pipes in their home when they consider plumbing, your home's plumbing goes beyond the indoors. There's also a large pipe underground called a sewer line that's your property, and thus your responsibility to maintain. This pipe carries away waste and fluid from your home that goes down the drain or toilet. If it works properly, everything is carried directly to the sewer, where it's no longer your problem.

When It Goes Wrong

Sometimes, this pipe can become damaged. Earth movement, penetrating tree roots, or even simple degradation with time can cause the pipe to develop cracks, holes, or microfractures. When this happens, what's going through the pipe can escape the pipe. You won't notice any issues at first, because the earth surrounding the pipe will absorb anything coming out of it. However, once this ground becomes fully saturated, more dirt will saturate until the earth at the surface starts to get contaminated, too. At this point, you'll be able to smell it — and it'll most likely smell terrible, as a great deal of it will be toilet waste.

At this point, the best thing you can do is to hire a plumber to inspect the line for damage. They can often do this without digging up your yard by using a camera that goes through the pipe and sends images back to the surface. If damage is discovered, a repair may be possible. However, badly damaged sewer lines typically have to be fully replaced. The good news is that once you do replace it, you're unlikely to need a new one again for decades.

For more information, reach out to a sewer line repair service today.