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3 Possible Results of a Drain Pipe Inspection

by Melinda Crawford

If you and your plumber suspect there is something amiss with your drain pipe, then your plumber will likely arrange for a drain pipe inspection. This means they will send a camera down the pipe to get an up-close view of what's really going on. As a homeowner, awaiting the results of your drain pipe camera inspection can be a little nerve-wracking. It helps to know what the possible outcomes are. Take a look.

1. A collapsed pipe.

It's possible that your drain pipe has collapsed, and that's why water is not flowing down it properly. This is most likely to happen with old clay pipes, which were surprisingly common until the 1960s. Pipes do not always collapse completely, either. Sometimes, they partially collapse in on themselves, but some water can still flow down, but more slowly. If your inspector finds that your pipe has collapsed, they will need to dig it up and replace it, which can be expensive but is totally necessary.

2. Tree root invasions.

Another common problem with drain pipes is tree root invasion. It may seem impossible for a tree root to grow through a sturdy pipe. Actually, all it takes is a tiny crack for this to start. Once one tiny root makes its way through one tiny crack, the root system expands, fills the pipe, and you get a blockage.

If your inspector finds a blockage caused by tree roots, there are a few different approaches they can take. They may grind out the tree roots and then have you put a herbicide down the drain every few months to keep the roots from growing back. Or, they may remove the roots and then sleeve the pipe, which means they'll put a hard sleeve inside the pipe to keep the roots from penetrating again. 

3. Other blockages.

The other possibility is that there is another item or collection of items that have become caught in your drain pipe. Wet wipes are a common culprit. Tampons and other sanitary products can cause issues, too. All it takes is for a few of these items to get caught on gunk on the inside of the pipe, and then the blockage keeps growing. This is probably the easiest problem for your plumber to deal with. They can use a powerful water-shooting tool called a hydro jet to break up the clog.

So, will your inspector find a collapsed pipe, a tree root invasion, or another type of blockage? Regardless of the issue, contact drain pipe camera inspection services to learn how to move forward.