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3 Indicators That Your Drain Is Clogged

by Melinda Crawford

The process leading to clog formation in your drainage system takes a few weeks or months. It typically starts when you flush some grease or solid substances down the drain. Grease solidifies and sticks to the drainpipe, while the solid particles form a partial blockage. Over time, these substances will accumulate, increasing the blockage. As the blockage progresses, you will experience slow drainage of water in your sinks and tubs. If unchecked, a blocked drain can lead to devastating water damage. For that reason, you should watch out for signs of clogged drains and address them as soon as possible. Here are three signs you should never ignore. 

1. The House Is Stinking

The first indicator that something is crucially wrong with your drainage system is a strange odor in your house. Typically, when a clog forms within the drainpipe, bacteria acts on the organic particles, causing them to rot. The decomposition process creates toxic gases that come up the drainage pipe and fill the kitchen, bathroom, and the rest of the house.

You should call a drainage expert when you start smelling unusual odors in the home. It is always easier to deal with a developing clog than to manage it when the system is completely broken.

2. There Are Odd Sounds from the Drainage

Another sign that it's time to call a professional clogged drain expert is when you start hearing gurgling noises from the drainage pipes and plug holes. The sounds occur when air gets trapped inside the pipes due to a blockage. When you call an expert, they will run an imaging device into the drain to examine its condition and determine the location of the clog. By doing this, they will remove the clog without causing damage to other sections of the drain. 

3. The Wastewater Is Backing Up into the House

Wastewater backup is another telltale sign that your drain pipes are clogged. If the water backup affects an individual sink or bathtub, the clog could be localized. However, if all the toilets, sinks, and bathtubs in your home are backing up, the clog is on the central pipe. Backed-up wastewater is a health hazard and may lead to water-borne diseases if unchecked. A professional clogged drains expert will help to unblock the drains and restore the water flow. 

When you notice any of these signs, contact a reputable and seasoned drain cleaning specialist right away. Waiting too long can lead to a devastating and costly sewer catastrophe.

Reach out to a clogged drain cleaning service in your area to learn more.