Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

Why Your Septic System Failed And How Septic Tank Services Can Fix It

by Melinda Crawford

Are you worried your septic system is not performing as expected? Despite their importance, they can sometimes fail or break down due to certain factors. When it happens, you require septic tank services in order to fix them before further damage can be done. Here are some common explanations for why your septic system fails and how septic tank services can fix them.

1. Sewage Pipe From the House Is Blocked

The main sewage pipe from the house carries various organic matter, including food waste, toilet paper, hair, grease, and anything else that goes down your drains. Over time these items can build up in your pipes, causing a blockage. 

The septic services will clear the blockage using a variety of methods depending on where it is located. They may use a high-pressure water jetter to clean out your pipes, or they can use a snake for a simple blockage.

2. Tank Inlet Baffle is Blocked 

If you've noticed that your toilet is taking longer to flush than normal, the chances are that a blockage has formed in one of your septic tank's inlet baffles. The baffle blocks debris from entering your system so that wastewater can flow freely; thus, when it's blocked, wastewater won't be able to pass through it into your leach field. The septic services uncover the tank to get to the inlet and unblock it. 

3. Effluent Filter is Clogged 

The effluent filter is designed to remove solid particles from wastewater as it leaves your septic tank. Solid particles can clog up your entire septic system, leading to a spilling tank and slow drains. If you're noticing a sewage smell or slow drainage from sinks or toilets, ask a professional septic tank services to inspect this filter for possible blockages.

4. Septic Tank is Leaking 

If your septic tank is leaking, you should call a septic tank service as soon as possible. There are many reasons why your septic tank may be leaking, but cracking is the most common cause. This is seen more in concrete tanks, which are prone to cracking. Repairing a septic tank is a complicated task and the reason you need professional hands.

5. Drainfield Has Failed 

The drainfield holds effluent water and allows it to leach into the ground below. Signs of drainfield failure include pooling water above the ground, foul smells, and a spilling tank. The septic services will use different drainfield restoration techniques to fix this problem.

A septic system failure can make the quality of life in your home deteriorate quickly, so you need to fix it as quickly as possible. Contact septic tank services to inspect your septic system and fix these problems for optimal hygiene and sanitation. For more information, contact a company like Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer.