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Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

by Melinda Crawford

Slow or blocked drains are dangerous. For example, the blockages can back up effluent into your house and endanger your household. Although people use different drain cleaning methods, you should tread carefully about the DIY ones. Below are solid reasons to rely on professional drain cleaning.

They Have the Right Equipment

Efficient and safe drain cleaning requires several tools and equipment that the average household lacks but professional plumbers have. Below are the main categories of these tools and equipment.

Protective Gear

Drain cleaning and plumbing services pose several dangers. For example, drain waste is dangerous because of the germs and gasses it houses. A plumber will wear protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and boots, to prevent exposure to dangerous substances.

Diagnosis Equipment

Effective drain cleaning may require you to identify the cause of the blockage. For example, some unclogging methods might not work for deep-seated clogs or clogs caused by tree roots. Plumbers have diagnostic equipment for such issues. Some plumbers insert cameras into the drains to see the location and nature of the clogs.

Unclogging Tools

Hot water and plungers are common unclogging tools for DIY enthusiasts. Some people also use drain snakes or augers. However, these methods may fail, depending on the clogging issue. Plumbers have the right tools, irrespective of the clogging. For example, some plumbers have:

  • Hydrojets that force pressurized water into the drain to break down and clear stubborn clogs
  • Air pressure equipment that breaks down wastes so water can flush them and clear stubborn clogs
  • Motorized drain snakes work better than conventional manual snakes

The plumber will choose the best unclogging technique and tool, depending on your plumbing system and the cause of the clog.

They Won't Damage Your Plumbing System

You risk damaging your drainpipes if you use the wrong techniques or tools. For example, many rely on caustic drain chemicals that corrode the pipes. Regularly using the chemicals reduces the pipe's lifespan and increases the risk of drain leaks. Professional plumbers won't make these mistakes.

Also, you can easily damage your drainpipes even if you have the right tools and equipment but don't know how to use them. Pressurized water or air can damage the pipes, especially old or weak ones. The motorized auger can damage your drain if it is not used correctly.  Again, professional plumbers know how to use these tools.

Remember that drain cleaning issues can take a professional touch to do it right.