Septic System Mistakes To Avoid

  • 3 Indicators That Your Drain Is Clogged

    8 March 2021

    The process leading to clog formation in your drainage system takes a few weeks or months. It typically starts when you flush some grease or solid substances down the drain. Grease solidifies and sticks to the drainpipe, while the solid particles form a partial blockage. Over time, these substances will accumulate, increasing the blockage. As the blockage progresses, you will experience slow drainage of water in your sinks and tubs. If unchecked, a blocked drain can lead to devastating water damage.

  • 3 Possible Results of a Drain Pipe Inspection

    28 January 2021

    If you and your plumber suspect there is something amiss with your drain pipe, then your plumber will likely arrange for a drain pipe inspection. This means they will send a camera down the pipe to get an up-close view of what's really going on. As a homeowner, awaiting the results of your drain pipe camera inspection can be a little nerve-wracking. It helps to know what the possible outcomes are.

  • Tips On How To Avoid Common Septic Tank Problems

    26 January 2021

    For years, many property owners have relied on septic tanks to hold waste material while breaking it down naturally via a bacterial action into solids, water, and gases. Over time, the water and gases are released into the immediate environment while the solid is deposited at the tank's bottom.  The solid level increases and should be pumped out to boost the effectiveness of the septic tank. However, if you don't seek septic tank services regularly to maintain the tank, some avoidable problems can occur.

  • 3 Ways To Tell It's Time For Septic Tank Cleaning And A Quick Look At How It's Done

    7 December 2020

    If you haven't had to clean your septic tank yet, and you've lived in your home a few years, you might want to have the levels in the tank checked by a septic tank cleaning company. They can tell if your tank needs pumped or if it has a leak that's allowing waste to escape. Here are three ways to tell if your septic tank needs to be cleaned and how it's done.

  • Septic Inspection and Pump-Out Recommendations for Your Home and Property

    2 December 2020

    A septic tank is an essential part of your property and household when you are not able to connect to a local city sewer system. And because a septic system works independently of outside waste treatment, it needs to keep a good balance of healthy bacteria to break down solid waste and deal with wastewater. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your home septic system and tank so it always works its best for your household.

  • Common Water Well Installation Concerns

    29 October 2020

    Water well installation projects can be undertakings that may be necessary for a homeowner to do if they are to have a source of water for their homes, and this can make it a priority for a homeowner to develop their understanding about water well systems and their installation. Does A Body Of Water Have To Be Near The Home For A Water Well To Be An Option? It is easy to think that a water well will have to be located relatively close to a lake, river, or other body of water.

  • How Does Flooding Affect Your Home's Septic System?

    23 September 2020

    Mother nature has a way of causing incredible amounts of damage when you least expect it. Despite being safely buried below ground, your septic tank and other components are far from immune to flooding. If you live in an area that suffers from frequent (or even occasional) flooding, it's essential to understand how these events can impact your home's wastewater system. Below you'll find some practical tips to recognize a flooded septic system and determine if you should take action.